Wide variety of solutions according to bag size and design.

Outputs of Syntegon vertical packaging machines: up to 240 bags/min.

Bag formats: pillow, corner-sealed, flat bottom, 3 sided seal, 4 sided seal, 3 sided seal zip and Doy zip.

Maximum bag dimensions: 400 mm wide, 700 mm long.

All machines can accommodate options for round hole, eurohole, easy opening features, zip closure system, and ultrasonic sealing.


For ground and soluble coffee, tea and sugar.

Syntegon sachet filling machines can reach an output of 125 sachets/min for single, double or chain sachet formats.

Maximum sachet size: 50 mm-100 mm wide, 55 mm-150 mm long.

Maximum stick-pack size: 28 mm-45 mm wide, 60 mm-180 mm long.

It features a 100% checkweighing system, and can be equipped with a case packing system.

Sachet case maximum size: 102 mm wide x 240 mm long x 13 mm high.

Stick-pack case maximum size: 85 mm wide x 150 mm long x 160 mm high.


Syntegon machines of medium and high-performance for individual product packaging (for example, in sachets, capsules, pods, etc.), as well as grouped or stacked product packaging.

Outputs from 125 to 1,500 flow-packs/min, with multiple options of work height.

Special versions for Bosch flow-pack packaging machines, air-tight sealing, reel under the product sealing (reverse sealing), etc.

Ideal equipment for packaging long products or groupings (roll-pack, trays, etc.), with a special version for processing sticky or difficult products where the reel is located under the product.

Syntegon Pack 301 ID wrapper for hermetic sealing of difficult-to-handle products

Syntegon Pack 301 IN for hard to handle products

Pack 401 Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Syntegon Pack 401 flow wrapper with Pack Feeder 4 inline feeder

Seamless System for the Primary and Secondary Packaging of Bar Products

Combining these machines and other Syntegon systems for feeding, handling, automation, boxing or case packing, it is possible to make up a complete packaging line.


HDG machines for primary and secondary packaging in preformed bags or reeled bags, for ground or whole-bean coffee, as well as coffee capsules and pods.
Available bag formats: pillow, corner-sealed, 4 sided seal, 3 sided seal, Doy, bag chain, flat bottom and with special contours. All these formats with options for easy opening features, eurohole, round hole and spout.
Outputs: 60-400 bags/min
Bag size: 40 mm-400 mm wide, 40 mm-400 mm long

PACKAGE MAKERS (by Syntegon)

Packaging in packs for ground or soluble coffee.
They offer multiple options of film material application (like double film and paper packs), also spout insertion and vacuum packaging possibilities, as well as protection valve application and weight control systems.
Variety of pack designs with easy opening, re-closable or lid features.
Outputs: 80 to 150 packs/min
Pack sizes: 30 x 50 x 50 mm up to 100 x 140 x 265 mm

Syntegon PME 4061 Flexibel Mandrel Wheel Concept


Internal and external valves for ground and whole-bean coffee protection, thermo-sealing and ultrasonic sealing.
Exterior valve: round hole and 8-shaped hole, with pressure capacity of 2 to 150 mbar.
Exterior valve: VIS, with pressure capacity of 2 to 7 mbar.
CVA valve applicator outputs for exterior valves: up to 120 units/min.
CVA valve applicator outputs for interior valves: up to 70 units/min.

Frozen food packaging solution presented from Syntegon by Josua Schwab


Stand-alone solutions or systems integrated in vertical packaging or pack packaging lines for 100% weighchecking with trend control for dosing systems.

Outputs: from 80 to 450 packs/min, depending on weight ranges.
Weight ranges: from 1,250 g to 20,000 g.
Accuracy: from 0.1 g for packs or bags of greater weight.

Dosing Machines by Auger
Mechanical output: 120 to 150 dosings/min.
Flow: 80 to 180 L/min

Dosing Machines by Weighing Cell
Output: up to 30 dosings/min
Weight range: 240 g to 3,000 g.


Modular, flexible and extendable Delta robotic systems for automation and handling of coffee in capsules, pods, sachets, flow-packs or bags that are fed into boxing, case packing or blistering lines.
Syntegon offers countless gripper options to suit production needs and customer requirements of product handling.
These machines have handling performances of up to 2.200 products/min featuring multiple cells with 3 robots each.

Syntegon Pick and Place Robotics

Module ++ automated biscuit packaging line with Delta robots and horizontal flow wrappers

VFFS Packaging Line Featuring Delta Robotic Case Packing

Syntegon Paloma-D2 Packaging Robot

Syntegon Module ++ Cost effective line automation

You can create a complete packaging line based on the Syntegon feeder, handling, and robotization and encasing or cartoning systems.

CASE PACKING (by Syntegon)

Syntegon flexible solutions for secondary packaging in boxes, with complementary equipment for forming and hot glue sealing processes.
Multiple box formats: display effect, trays with lids, box pallet, wrap-around, pick & place, top loading, etc.
Output: up to 100 boxes/min depending on box size and design.
Minimum and maximum box sizes (length x width x height): 20-600 mm x 15-600 mm x 30-450 mm
Vertical or lateral product loading.

Wrap-around case packer Elematic 3001 by Syntegon


Mid to high-performance machines for case packing coffee in bag-in-box, sachets, sticks and flow-packs.
These machines can be combined with checkweighing systems, vertical and horizontal packaging machines, and flow-pack systems.
They are capable of processing multiple case formats like tray, tray + lid, trays with display effects, and provide different gripper options for product handling.
Outputs: up to 240 cases/min of minimum and maximum sizes (length x width x height): 20-600 mm x 15-400 mm x 25-400 mm

Modular and flexible: Syntegon CUT 1405 horizontal cartoning machine

Syntegon line for eyedrops

Syntegon CFC 2012 horizontal cartoning machine for large scale formats

New pharma cartoner Syntegon TTMP

Syntegon TTM – Secondary packaging for a wide range of formats

You can create a complete packaging line based on the Syntegon feeder, handling, and robotization and encasing or cartoning systems.


Syntegon aseptic filling and sealing machines for preformed cups and bottles of dairy products, ready coffee, coffee shake, deserts, milk based beverages, etc.

Broad variety of cup and bottle designs.

Syntegon offers peripheral equipment for bottle and cup packing such as systems for gluing, tray stacking, bottle and cup positioning.

Carousel Machines for Cups and Bottles
Cup output: 1,000 – 16,000 cups/hour
Cup dimensions: diameters: 65-200 mm / heights: 40 – 130 mm
Bottle output: 1,000 – 12,000 bottles/hour
Bottle dimensions: 80 – 1,000 ml / heights: 100 – 245 mm
Packaging material: HDPE, PP, PET and paper
Lid: Aluminum, PET, Coex and multi-layer

In-line Cup Machine
Cup output: 8,000 – 60,000 cups/hour
Cup dimensions: diameters: 50-180 mm / heights: 40 – 130 mm
Packaging material: PS, PP, PE and PET
Lid: Aluminum, PET, Coex and multi-layer

In-line Equipment for Bottles
Bottle output: 5,000 – 54,000 bottles/hour
Bottle dimensions: 80 – 500 mL, 200 – 1,000 mL, 500 – 1.500 mL
Packaging material: HDPE, PP, PET and paper
Lid: Aluminum, PET, Coex and multi-layer


Berning manufactures various systems for sleeve and wraparound applications of labels on products.

Outputs for this kind of labelling process range from 80 to 600 cycles/min, working with container diameters of 10 mm to 210 mm, and container lengths of 8 mm to 370 mm.


RonTech stand-alone or integrated machines into packaging lines for aligning, separating and feeding flat products such as envelopes, leaflets, promotion fliers, etc.
Envelope feeding and positioning by friction, with outputs of up to 200 m/min for envelope sizes of: 40-320 mm x 50-300 mm x 2510 mm (width x length x height)
Feeding by suction cup for the above specified sizes with outputs of up to 80 m/min.
Rotary feeding with outputs of up to 200 units/min.
Spacefeeder system for aligning, separating and feeding envelopes and flat bags, 40 mm -300 mm wide and 50 mm -400 mm long, delivering outputs of up to 300 units/min.

PALLETIZING (by Lorenz Pan)

Complete solutions for multi-line palleting, including systems to feed boxes into palletizers, as well as standard or customized palleting systems.
The palletizer may be placed at the end of a line or installed as a centered equipment, either to process products of a kind or as a multi-line palletizer.
The Pan Europal 49 is a standard multi-line palleting machine featuring storage capacities for standard empty pallets of 1200 mm x 800 mm x 2.100 mm, and capable of processing a variety of box sizes and weights with dimensions of 100 mm to 600 mm wide and 380 mm high, and maximum weights of 20 kg per box and 180 kg per line.









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